Our Physicians

Below is a list of our physicians. Please note that of those who are accepting new patients, some are only accepting new patients by referral or physician request.  Please bring your valid Heath Care Card when you visit your physician.

Accepting New Patients

Sorry, there is currently nobody in this category.

Accepting New Patients By Referral

Practitioner Ext Interests
Adelowokan, Tolulope (Dr.) 2 Family Medicine, Orthopedic Conditions
Alao, Samuel (Dr.) 2 Family Medicine, Orthopedic Conditions
Dusang, Trent (Dr.) 1 Palliative Care
Egan, Alan (Dr.) 1 Diabetes, Family Medicine
Mansell, Graham (Dr.) 4 Mental Health
Yip, Sophia (Dr.) 3 Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, Pediatric Care

Accepting New Patients By Special Request

Practitioner Ext Interests
Peters, Catherine (Dr) 3 Pediatric Care
Trouli, Nomiki (Dr.) 4 Botox, Cosmetics, Dermatology, Facial Fillers, Family Medicine, Womens Health

Other Physicians

Practitioner Ext Interests
Algu, Kemchand (Dr.) 2 Family Medicine
Bishay, Peter (Dr.) 2 Family Medicine
Chisholm, Mary (Dr.) 3 Family Medicine
Coughlin, Jason (Dr.) 4 Family Medicine
de Jager, Talita (Dr.) 4 Family Medicine
De Souza, Marcelino (Dr.) 1 Family Medicine
Erasmus, Magda (Dr.) 3 Family Medicine
Forsberg, Daniel (Dr.) 4 Family Medicine
Guhle, Mark (Dr.) 1 Family Medicine
Hundle, Sumeet (Dr) 2 Family Medicine
Mailo, Kevin (Dr.) 1 Family Medicine
Sinn, Barbara (Dr.) 3 Family Medicine
Viljoen, Matilda (Dr.) 2 Family Medicine