Help us ensure Budget 2024 prioritizes family and rural medicine for a better, healthier Alberta.
Albertans need more family and rural (generalist) physicians, providing comprehensive care from a patient’s birth to end of life.

When you have access to comprehensive care in your Synergy Medical Clinic medical home, you always have somewhere to talk about your physical and mental health issues. If you are sick, your doctor and our team can figure out what’s wrong. If you have to deal with an injury or chronic condition, the information, support or monitoring you need will be there.

This is the foundation of your care. It’s also the most important factor in a sustainable healthcare system. Around the world, evidence shows that access to a primary care physician working with a team means that:

  • Patients receive timely care.
  • Patients get help to manage their chronic conditions.
  • Fewer patients show up in emergency rooms, reducing hospital overload and wait times.
  • Disease and illness are diagnosed early with fewer avoidable deaths.
  • There are fewer hospitalizations in general, saving money for the system.

Alberta has fallen behind other provinces that are acting to keep and attract doctors and provide an environment where comprehensive primary care can thrive.

Sign up at to advocate for investment in Alberta’s health care system. With your help, we can work toward ensuring you get the care you need when you need it.

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Together we can ensure that you have access to a primary care team that can address your needs.


Dear Patients of Synergy Medical Clinic, Synergy Women’s Wellness Centre and Synergy Medical Plus

NOTICE: When attending or visiting the clinic

Persons with Upper Respiratory symptoms or if you suspect you may be ill, you are kindly asked to wear a mask.

Otherwise, Masking is recommended but not mandatory when visiting the clinic.

We thank all our patients & visitors for their understanding  and  cooperation.

 SATURDAY Office services are still suspended.


Rest assured, we are here to support our patients and will do this to the best of our abilities.

Go to the “What’s New” page for more information on these and other services being offered.

See our “Services” page to get more information on our urgent  services.

Bringing together 38 Family Physicians and Specialists to serve our community, Synergy Medical Clinic has as its goal to provide the community with access to Family Physicians who are the backbone of any healthcare system. Patient wellness benefits by providing continuous and comprehensive service at the point of care. We make every effort to ensure a positive patient experience.

Please visit our Doctors page for a list of Family Physicians who are currently accepting new patients.

Our clinic is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Monday to Friday. Saturday office is suspended due to CoVID.

Please visit our Services page for more information.