What’s New

Dr. Nomiki Trouli

Synergy Medical Clinic is pleased to announce the addition of Dr Nomiki Trouli to our team of physicians starting April 2017. Dr. Trouli brings her expertise in family medicine as well as her interest in aesthetics and dermatology to the clinic. Patients interested in seeing Dr. Trouli should call 780 464 0123, extention 5 to arrange an appointment.

Foot Care

Synergy Medical Plus is pleased to announce the introduction of this new service. Our Nurse provides assessment, care and advice for patients of all ages, including people who suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes. Care includes clipping nails, treating corns, calluses and thickened nails and preventative care. Referral to other health professionals can be arranged depending on the condition. Call the office at 780 416 8747 for further information.

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy

Dr Scott Russell DPM and Synergy Medical Clinic are pleased to announce the addition of another service for patients requiring foot care. Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy, (or ESWT), is a new technology using shockwaves to treat chronic, painful conditions. Visit www.synermedicalplus.ca for more information.

Shingles Vaccine

In Canada, it is estimated that nearly 1 in 3 people will develop shingles in their lifetime.
ZOSTAVAX is the first and only vaccine indicated to help prevent shingles in individuals 50 years of age or older. Talk to your physician about getting the shingles vaccine.