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Family Medicine

Practitioner Ext Interests
Adelowokan, Tolulope (Dr.) 2 Family Medicine, Orthopedic Conditions
Algu, Kemchand (Dr.) 2 Aviation Medicine, Family Medicine
Chao, Danny (Dr.) 3 Family Medicine
Chisholm, Mary (Dr.) 3 Family Medicine
Collins, Paul (Dr.)   Family Medicine
Coughlin, Jason (Dr.) 4 Family Medicine
de Jager, Talita (Dr.) 4 Family Medicine
De Souza, Marcelino (Dr.) 1 Family Medicine
Dusang, Trent (Dr.) 1 Family Medicine, Geriatric Care, Geriatrics, Palliative Care
Egan, Alan (Dr.) 1 Diabetes, Family Medicine
Erasmus, Magda (Dr.) 3 Family Medicine
Forsberg, Daniel (Dr.) 4 Family Medicine
Guhle, Mark (Dr.) 1 Family Medicine
Hundle, Sumeet (Dr) 3 Family Medicine
Johnson, Paul (Dr.) 3 Botox, Family Medicine, Migraine Management, Sports Medicine
Mansell, Graham (Dr.) 4 Family Medicine, Mental Health
Peters, Catherine (Dr) 3 Pediatric Care
Sinn, Barbara (Dr.) 3 Family Medicine
Tamm, Andrea (Dr.) 4 Children's Health, Contraception Advice, Family Medicine, Womens Health
Trouli, Nomiki (Dr.) 1 Botox, Cosmetics, Dermatology, Facial Fillers, Family Medicine, Womens Health
Viljoen, Matilda (Dr.) 2 Family Medicine


Practitioner Ext Interests
Maraj, Reena (Dr.) 2 Ayurvedic Medicine, Internal Medicine, Public Health